Spotlight on: Fiona Smyth (VanCAF 2020)

Fiona Smyth is a comics legend influencing so many artists, that some of them aren’t even aware that Fiona is an influence on their work! Once they see the retrospective collection of Fiona’s work, Somnambulance, published by Koyama Press though, lightbulbs will go off. At 367 pages spanning the 80’s to 2018, the point of publication, this incredible and unique collection is just some of her comics work. Plus, there’s the art for the sex education books What Makes A Baby and Sex Is A Funny Word with writer Cory Silverberg, gallery installations, and so much more! And hey, we discuss all that and what she has been up to since then! One thing we didn’t talk about, though, is the doodle art catalogue cover and doodle art poster (for you to colour in) that Fiona has designed for the upcoming Art Gallery Of Ontario exhibit I Am Here with work by Patti Smith, Mary Pratt, and Andy Warhol. So, it’s mentioned here in this introduction, ha! And be sure to visit and bookmark: