presented by Capilano University 

Friday May 17th, 12pm – 1pm:

Collaborative Storytelling with Natalie 麥月明      REGISTER HERE

Roundhouse Community Arts & Recreation Centre  ROOM C

 In this workshop, we’ll be coming up with ideas on the spot, breaking them down, and turning them into a collaborative storyboard together! Natalie will share storytelling techniques from their niche crossroads of teaching, improv, and comics to help you tell stories where…anything could happen! Together, we’ll push some ink around and let ourselves be playful and silly. Beginner friendly, all ages and skills welcome! Anything can be a story, let’s tell them together ♡
About the Artist: 
Natalie 麥月明 is a cartoonist based in Treaty 1 Territory in Winnipeg, MB and an art teacher at the WAG-Qaumajuq and Forum Art Centre. They recently completed public and community art projects for Winnipeg’s Chinatown, and was awarded the Cupcake mentorship with CAKE (Chicago) where they will be debuting a new comic at the festival in August! Their work is somewhere between a reflection of life and small curiosities… You can find their work at 




Friday May 17th – 1:15pm – 2:15pm


Roundhouse Community Arts & Recreation Centre  ROOM C

Bring a partner or meet someone here! Through drawing, writing, and collage prompts, practice storytelling through portraiture with another person. This workshop also explores the idea of translating relationships with people to your own relationship with drawing and writing. 

This workshop is open to all, and encourages participation from people with intergenerational and familial relationships!

About the Artist:

Tajliya Jamal is a queer, mixed-race printmaker and comics artist based in Vancouver, BC. With an emphasis on storytelling, pattern, and maximalism, they work experimentally between printmaking, animation, painting, and collage. Their work often uses patterns and iconography drawing from their Cantonese and Muslim-Indian background in tandem with images and texts that queery bodies. They like to use book forms and print media as it is a more accessible art form for viewers and readers, and often collaborative in practice. Taj graduated from Emily Carr University of Art + Design in 2019, and has since led artist talks and workshops, had their illustrations and comics in local publications, and was awarded a BCAC mentorship grant in 2020.



Friday May 17th, 2:45pm – 3:45pm

Making Things Happen! with Paterson Hodgson        REGISTER HERE

 Autobiographical comics and the act of DOING and DOCUMENTING.

Learn about writing non-fiction comics, drawing scenes from life experiences and how to express ideas and philosophy through art. Workshop leader Paterson Hodgson uses her comics to understand and explain what she has learned while organizing against landlords with her neighbours in Parkdale, Toronto. This workshop explores what we can accomplish when we work together and what it means to document and reflect on what we have achieved. We will be drawing comics about memories, ideas and the FUTURE. All skill levels welcome. 

About the Artist:

Hello! I’m a queer, freelance illustrator, comic-maker and poster artist living in Toronto, Ontario. 
I believe I have a unique way of learning, teaching, and explaining. All of my work is in service of my own learning and self reflection journey – how to be my best self,  live my best life, and especially how to work with the people around me to create a better shared life, together. 
My work is influenced by travel, Anarchism, Toronto’s arts and queer communities, body-positivity, tarot, astrology, meditation, feelings and nature. 
Life is sad and funny. My drawings sit somewhere in the middle.



Friday May 17th, 4-5pm:

The Invisible Art with Diana Schutz and Dr.Susan Kirtley      REGISTER HERE

Explore the invisible art of editing comics and prose with two hard-working editors who will pull back the curtain on the work they do behind the scenes. From acquisitions to developmental editing to the nuts-and-bolts of line-editing, Susan and Diana will take you through the editorial process, demystifying the role of contemporary editors, both in comics and in comics scholarship, and helping you to sharpen your own editorial eye. Be sure to bring paper and a pen
for some old-school editing exercises!

About the Artists:
Dr. Susan Kirtley is a Professor of English and the Director of Comics Studies at Portland State University. She is also editor in chief of Inks: The Journal of the Comics Studies Society and author of the Eisner Award-winning Lynda Barry: Girlhood through the Looking Glass, among other scholarly texts on comics. Diana Schutz is a veteran editor of comics and graphic novels, including Sin City, Grendel, Blacksad, and The Neil Gaiman Library, among many others.




Saturday May 18th, 3:30pm – 4:30pm

Presented in partnership with the Consulate General of Switzerland in Vancouver and the Alliance Française Vancouver


Please note this workshop is only offered in French!

L’Atelier | The Workshop

Durant cet atelier, nous allons fabriquer des petits livres de 8 pages (feuilles pliées, agrafées et découpées). Certains dessineront la première planche de l’histoire, d’autres la dernière planche et d’autres encore devront terminer l’histoire en dessinant les planches 2 à 7.
We’re going to make little 8-page books (sheets folded, stapled and cut).
Some will draw the first page-panel of the story, others draw the ultimate page while others have to finish the story by drawing page-panels 2 to 7.

L’auteur | The writer : Alex Baladi

Alex Baladi est né à Corsier-sur-Vevey en Suisse et a grandi à Genève. Il a réalisé plus de soixante-dix bandes dessinées chez différents éditeurs depuis 1992. Il a coréalisé deux films d’animation avec Isabelle Nouzha en 2009 et 2012. Il est l’un des membres fondateurs de La Fabrique de Fanzines depuis 2003 et membre de l’OuBaPO depuis 2005.
Alex Baladi was born in Corsier-sur-Vevey in Switzerland and he grew up in Geneva. He has made more than seventy comic books with different publishers since 1992.He co-directed two animated films with Isabelle Nouzha in 2009 and 2012. He’s one of the founding members of La Fabrique de Fanzines (the Fanzine Factory) since2003 and a member of OuBaPO since 2005.