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Marc Bell

Marc Bell is a Canadian Postwar & Contemporary cartoonist/artist who was born in the same hospital as Justin Bieber. His work was recently exhibited at Miyako Yoshinaga in NY and at The Seattle Art Boolk Fair 2023. His drawing “International Doodle Week” sold at an auction called Auctionata, New York in 2015. Marc Bell’s work has been featured in articles for The New York Times and the Globe And Mail. The internet claims that the most recent article that features him is called “Gallery: “Sh*tter’s Full” at Gallery1988″ (Flavorwire, November 2019) but in fact this is an article that mentions a different artist who spells Marc as “Mark”. Don’t let them fool you. Marc Bell recently established NO WORLD DEPT to replace his temporarily inoperable website. His latest products include Product #1, Product #2 and Boutique Mag #5