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Hold That Thought Cartoonists

Friendships can begin in some of the most interesting ways.
In the case of three local cartoonists, Theresa Henry-Smith, Beverley Kort, and Catherine Holmes, it was through a book called, Hold That Thought.

Hold That Thought: 12 Cartoonists on Their Worlds of Humor is the brainchild of editor
David Endleman. Last year, Dave sought out 12 cartoonists from around the globe to create this unique collection of humour. HTT features a variety of creators from the indie and
mainstream world, including graphic novelists, animators, social media cartoonists, and editorial/magazine cartoonists -some published in The New Yorker! HTT showcases the talents of Isabella Bannerman, Suzy Becker, David Endelman, Jun Frogosa, David Gomberg, Theresa Henry, Ed Himelblau, Catherine Holmes, Beverley Kort, Sam Lay, Rose Anne Prevec,
and Jim Shoenbill.

When fellow HTT cartoonists, Theresa, Catherine, and Beverley discovered they were were all from BC, they decided to meet up at Word Vancouver. They clicked so well, they decided to all throw their hats into VanCaf 2024.

Theresa, has roots in the Vancouver indie cartoon/comic scene going back to the 80’s. She recently jumped back into the cartooning habit to create Hotflashes & Hangovers. She enjoys combining her crazy indie comic sensibility to stories like everyday family life, time-travel, rabbit holes, and squids. Come check out the fun on Instagram:

Beverley Kort is a cartoonist who also happens to be a registered psychologist with a private practice in Vancouver. BC. She combines her love of helping people with a love of cartooning. Beverly enjoys turning everday struggles about modern life and the IdIosyncrasies of her profession with, she hopes, witty and relatable cartoons. Lie back on a couch and enjoy her work on Instagram:

Catherine Holmes is a cartoonist/painter living on Vancouver Island, Canada with a focus on single-panel cartoons and simple animations. She grew up in Ottawa, Ontario, and received bachelor’s degrees in arts and education from Lakehead University. She has worked as a part time art teacher, a visiting artist in the schools and a freelance illustrator. Inspiration for her cartoons comes from everyday family/life/situations, her travels, pets, and also from the world of the absurd. She draws most days and her work can be seen on Instagram @catherine__holmes and her website –