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Tajliya Jamal is a queer, mixed-race printmaker and comics artist based in Vancouver, BC. With an emphasis on storytelling, pattern, and maximalism, they work experimentally between printmaking, animation, painting, and collage. Their work often uses patterns and iconography drawing from their Cantonese and Muslim-Indian background in tandem with images and texts that queery bodies. They like to use book forms and print media as it is a more accessible art form for viewers and readers, and often collaborative in practice.

This year Taj has launched Go够Studio, a hub for screen printing projects that focus on collaborating with and highlighting the work of artists of all kinds in Vancouver.


Abstract, Anthology, Autobio / Slice of Life, Experimental, Fan Comics / Zines / Manga, Gender and/or Sexuality, Humour / Comedy, Kids Comics, LGBTQIA+, Racial and/or Cultural Identity, Romance, Self-Published / DIY, Small Press, Zines