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Dana Kearley

My name is Dana (like, Day-na). My pronouns are she/they. I am an artist and illustrator on unceded territory belonging to the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh First Nations (aka “Vancouver, BC”). I make most of my work in Photoshop, but I also use pen, ink, oil pastel and various acrylic mediums. A lot of my inspo comes from 80’s and 90’s pop culture, fashion, graphics, stickers, album art, film, tv, music, etc. I LOVE colour and like to play around with light, shadow, gradient and texture.

Most of my work is incredibly personal, even if it isn’t obvious. My identity informs a lot of it – I am a queer, chronically ill and disabled individual, so there’s also always an element of queerness, mental health, disability, and healing mixed into my work. The playfulness and positivity that comes through is part of the way I cope with trauma and my precarious health.