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Testing… Testing… We are CrashTest Comics! The Vancouver-based publisher pushing through every barrier on our journey to create powerful, lasting stories in the indie comics industry. Ben and Joel, cousins, are the founders of CrashTest Comics. Their love of storytelling began in their early years while making mini comics together by hand to sell at their elementary schools. Over the years their passion for comics grew alongside their understanding of the most powerful benefit of the comic medium – there is no other form of storytelling as wild and free. Now, with the completion of their mini-series “Almost Home” and their participation on the award-winning game “Dad to the Bone”, Ben and Joel are back in force and ready to tackle their first two full-length series which are both set to release in 2024. Better buckle up, because at CrashTest Comics we’re willing to put our stories to the test… until they safely hit the shelves.