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Achiru et al. (she/they) is the creator of “The Mann and Lucky Channel,” a webcomic series hosted on WEBTOON with over 21K subscribers, 466 web episodes and crowdfunded 17 titles in print, following an ace and allo romance with a genderbend parallel universe, also published as “My Girlfriend is Ace,” on Globalcomix! With over two decades of webcomic experience, she is also the creator of “UNSPOKEN,” and “the Myth of Eros and Psyche,” among other spin-off titles on Tapas Media. Her characters, or “cast members” are implied in the “et al.” They engage in various philosophical discussions and play out hypothetical scenarios for social experiments, often involving romance, communication and gender.
She was born in Alberta, Canada to Hong Kong immigrant parents, and grew up watching anime and reading manga from Japan. They live with their ace husband and dog daughter.