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VanCAF 2022 Exhibitors map!

Here’s a handy guide to our 2022 Exhibitors and where to find them this weekend at The Roundhouse!


We’ll have a nice version of this up and posted on its own page soon, but I wanted to share it so YOU can plan for it now! All of our special guests will be signing in the Exhibition Hall at tables D6 & D7, next to the CLLDF table where you can pick up […]

Kirsten Hatfield: “Time moves slowly as I lay still” exhibit at The Roundhouse Window Gallery

    Time moves slowly as I lay still is an abstract nonlinear comic that explores ideas around grief, isolation and accessibility. This piece explores my relationship with the temporal non linear nature of disability, chronic illness and healing. The process of grieving one’s health is an especially isolating one. When you’re sick you grieve alone, it’s […]

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