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Caroline is the author and illustrator of A Mirror’s Tale, a webcomic that has been updating since 2013. Originally from South Carolina, USA, she has moved around with her spouse from California and currently resides in the Vancouver area. She is employed as a background artist for DoubleJump Games, and aims to one day develop original content for video games. In 2021 her one-shot graphic novel Dr. Freckle Meets the Neighbors won 2nd place for the Best Graphic Novel in the Sequential Magazine Awards.

Chris Hyacinth Riley is a chronically ill French Canadian artist currently living in BC, Canada with their wife and their two cats. They write and draw the entirety of Yokoka’s Quest on their own. During fall 2014 they decided they wanted to get serious about their life-long passion of comics and sharing their stories, starting with this one that they originally wrote in 2004 during secondary school. The webcomic has been updating consistently three times a week since September 2015 and is close to reaching a thousand pages!

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