VanCAF 2022 Online

Just because you can’t be there, doesn’t mean you should miss out.


 May 17th 12 noon

Jaik Puppyteeth on the Milton Holly Show!

Digitized for the first time, head over to the VanCAF youtube page to watch Jaik Puppyteeth’s interview about his artistic practice on the legendary daytime program The Milton Holly Show!

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 May 18th 1 pm

eigoManga: Chang Sheng’s OLDMAN

Join artist Chang Sheng for this pre-recorded video as he talks about his comic OLDMAN, recently released for the first time in English! Made possible with the support of the Taiwan Academy of TECO in Los Angeles!


 May 19th 1 pm

Horde of Two Video World Premiere

David Lester HORDE OF TWO: World Premiere Short film of drawing, music, & anti-fascism

Horde of Two is the instrumental duo of guitarist David Lester (Mecca Normal) and Wendy Atkinson (solo experimental bassist). The film’s music is from the opening track of their album “I Knew I Was a Rebel Then” (Shrimper Records) and is made up of hundreds of Lester’s pencil, pen and watercolour drawings based on photos from the Spanish Civil War. The theme of the song and the film is the anti-fascist struggle of Durruti and the Spanish people in 1936-1939.

As Horde of Two worked on this film, they followed events in Ukraine. The drawings may seem as if they are based on current news but they were drawn over a period of years long before the invasion of Ukraine. Although the drawings are related to a different conflict, sadly, they are evocative of this current fight against fascism.

In addition to the album and film there is an accompanying book by Lester and Atkinson published by Bamboo Dart Press. The chapbook contains two intertwined stories, “The Recording” and “The Runner,” which reflect on the nature of triumph, defeat and legacy and include illustrations from the film. The combination of Atkinson’s writing and Lester’s art mirrors their musical collaboration by interweaving visual art and text.

Watch on our Youtube page at 1:00PST!

 May 19th 6 pm

Asking Bear Live!

Live advice, storytelling, and more from the acclaimed author and advice-giver, S. Bear Bergman. Asking Bear Live! is delightful to experience, but difficult to describe: it’s a live advice show where storytelling, advising, and common sense with a queer twist. Building on Bear’s popular advice column, Asking Bear ( and his acclaimed new book, SPECIAL TOPICS IN BEING A HUMAN (Arsenal Pulp Press, 2021), Bear will take your questions on all matters from the sacred to the profane and give his opinion on how you should proceed and artist Saul Freedman-Lawson will make a graphic recording of the question and answer!

Funny, tender, and surprisingly helpful, Asking Bear Live! is a fun and novel way to place your difficult conundrums into the caring and capable hands of one of Canada’s beloved advice givers.

It starts at 6:00PST online!

Register to attend at the link here:

 May 20th 11 am

The Olympians: Dionysos with GEORGE O’CONNOR

Creator George O’Connor joins us for a special all-ages talk about his Olympians series and the recently-released final book of The Olympians series, DIONYSOS! Join George for this pre-recorded presentation all about Dionysus, Greek mythology and much more!

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing George talk you’ll know you’re in for a great time so head over to our youtube page and find out for yourself!

George O’Connor is the New York Times–bestselling author of the Olympians, a series of graphic novels featuring the tragic, dramatic, and epic lives of the Greek gods. George is also the creator of popular picture books such as the New York Times–bestselling Kapow! and If I Had A Triceratops. He lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Watch on our Youtube page at 11:00PST!

May 21st and 22nd

VanCAF Live

Join the fun at the Roundhouse with our weekend long live-stream from the Performance Centre! Check out our full list of programming here.  

And head over to—you guessed it— our Youtube page to watch!